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The simplest solution to your imaging needs.

EzDent-i provides essential tools for patient image management, treatment planning and patient communication.

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UI for Your Workflow

EzDent-i's user interface is designed with the clinical workflow in mind.

Stop worrying and let EzDent-i intuitive user interface guide you through the imaging workflow.


Imaging Tools

EzDent-i provides simple yet efficient imaging tools. ​ Make full use of the digital imaging experience for better treatment results.


Insight NAVI

Insight NAVI is tailor-made to provide users with the full Insight PAN experience.

Insight PAN, a proprietary technology from Vatech, allows you to obtain depth information in the anteroposterior direction from panoramic images.

Use Insight NAVI to explore the additional slices for your region of interest, where you can find mesiobuccal, distobuccal and even palatal roots.


Patient Education

With more than 240 unique animations*, always have an answer to your patients’ questions. ​ Even better, add your own videos, images or documents of sample clinical cases. ​


* Provided with the Consultation package.

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