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EzOrtho covers the orthodontic workflow, from precise orthodontic analysis to effective patient communication.
an all-in-one solution for your orthodontic treatment.

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One Click Tracing

EzOrtho provides an automatic tracing feature(Tracing with DAVIS) which performs the most tedious task in the diagnosis process by a click of a button. This AI-aided feature finds 36 landmarks and 7 outlines that required for 15 unique analysis methods provided in EzOrtho.





Smart Recordset

We can automate simple and time-consuming tasks. Click the Smart Recordset button to create a new Recordset of the selected date. Images saved on the same date as the selected image will be automatically saved to the same Recordset.




Easy Analysis​

EzOrtho is a digital analysis tool specially designed for Orthodontics, which enables quick and simple tracing. Save time and boost the efficiency of your workflow with EzOrtho. In the Analysis Chart, users can see the traced X-ray image and analysis results at the same time.




3D Visual Communication Tool

EzOrtho generates a 3D Photo from a patient’s frontal and lateral photo images. Talk to a patient in 3D with their own face; EzOrtho enables treatment planning and consultation with a patient’s face from various angles.



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