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Our Chance, Your Future

Check out the various tasks that make up the Value of EWOOSOFT.
We’re making a vision in 12 fields, S/W Development, UI/UX Design, Project Management and so on.
Make your dream come true at EWOOSOFT. And You'll be a brillient market changer.


“Develop the future"

Software Development

We start software development from thinking about our customers’ needs.
Because we are here to provide solution that was not able today,
our goal is to develop software that makes our life smarter and healthier.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Design S/W architecture
  • S/W development
  • Algorithm construction/development

“Create the way people experience the future"

UI / UX Design

We connect users and technology.
The newest innovation may be not so friendly to customers.
By design and apply optimized GUI, we make the newest technology easy for all.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Design application software UI/UX
  • Web/App Design
  • Web/App/UI Publishing

“Manage the future to come promptly and properly"

Project Management

Our duty covers all the aspects of software development: from deciding development scope to risk management. Efficiency is the key. We work to make things happen that are efficient to us and effective to all.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Manage project scope and quality
  • Manage product schedule
  • Mange human resource and risk

“Quality assures the future"

QA (Quality Assurance)

QA completes software development. Our job, quality management, inspects our product whether it fulfills all the requirements and goals. We make sure our innovation to be stable and reliable

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Software quality analysis
  • Set Testing plan
  • Design and manage QA test

“For the most global and
suitable innovation"

Product Certification

We serve critical roles for the sales and marketing strategy as our software is used in dental/medical fields. It is our job to keep the software’s suitability in the worldwide clinics/hospitals.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Manage QMS (Quality Management System)
  • Take processes of certifying product
  • Support the software development to meet qualification criteria of regulations

“A bridge between the innovation and people"

Technical Writer

We write documentation that describes details of our product.
Our documentation can a first aid kit for our customer and first impression of our product’s suitability. We support people to understand our innovation.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Write manuals
  • Write software PO files
  • Prepare documentation for certifications

“Visualize the future, embody
our imagination"


We start from studying market and customer’s needs. Our job is planning how we will deliver the future, and maximize the customer value of our product.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Market and customer analysis
  • Support product launching
  • Manage on/offline marketing

“Listen to the voice of customer, and generate changes"

Customer Service

We listen to customer and build answers. To show our gratitude to customers, we value each one of their voice. Our job is closely related to the quality improvement for customers and the future of our innovation.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Provide technical support to customer
  • Answer VOC (voice of customers)
  • Plan quality improvement solution

“Getting ready for you to
explore the future"

Production management

We manage the final format of our innovation: generate actual copies and licenses of our software. Our job is to make sure our customers will get what they need and what they pay for.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Produce and deliver software
  • Mange license
  • Inventory control

“Build solid financial working environment for limitless future"


Even the most innovative idea would still need finance backing to develop.
We work for the financial soundness, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Tax accounting
  • Manage cashflow
  • Provide financial information to stakeholders

“Plan and mange the talent
for the future"

Human Resources

Our job is setting a platform within our company where the talent can be welcomed and growing for the future. We make sure all processes related to our people run fairly and trustfully.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Manage recruiting and training
  • Manage and run employee assessment
  • Labor management

“General because it’s essential"

General Affairs

We take care of our people and our working environment.
Our job is to support our members perform their best.

Roles / Resposibilities

  • Improve working environment
  • Create and improve organizational culture
  • Manage expenditure
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